Pattern Making

Every garment is based on a block pattern, which precision and accuracy in execution defines the quality of made product.

Pattern making is performed on a basis of provided information with the design theme:

  • a sketch or
  • an image or
  • an existing block pattern or
  • a piece garment along with a list of changes or a tech pack file.

The obtained pattern will be used to make the prototype that will undergo to your validation. Depending on the validation conclusions, some adjustments could occur due to fabric behavior, for example.


We can also correct your patterns of which sample did not match the shape, balance or fitting.


  • AAMA format files (.DXF and .RUL),
  • ASTM (.DXF and .RUL),
  • Lectra (.IBA and .VET),
  • Gerber (,
  • Investronica (.EXP)
  • Micro (DXF file)
  • Optitex (.DSN or .PDS),

case by case, we will correct existing patterns or will design a new basic pattern.


All services related to construction, grading, markers and printing execution are made with computer-aided design software, Lectra Systemes products and Gerber Technology. Thanks to these technologies, the service is available all over the world; the resulting pattern could be emailed.