Pattern Digitizing

By digitizing we convert paper or cardboard patterns into digital patterns. The outcomes are to be used with:

  • Designing, grading CAD applications,


  • To create a digital library of basic pattern blocks or slopers.

To avoid confusion or missing pieces, the set of patterns is advisable to be accompanied by an itemized list of pieces or a sample. Following digitization, a complete set of prints for a size will be obtained, including pieces related to other types of fabrics (lining, inter-lining). By digitizing, an inventory of component parts is also generated.

On request, we can check the set of patterns for sewing lines, notches matching on the contour, the correspondence between the values in the size table and the ones measured on patterns, other specific elements of the assembly, which will make the following steps possible:

  • Grading,
  • Marker Making


  • A new design for another model from this block pattern.

Sorting, storing and archiving basic patterns in an electronic library can also be a protection of the investment and minimization of accidental losses.