Complete solution from design to series production

Established in 2002, Cortex Trade & Services is an apparel service provider for series production in the garment industry.
The team is made of engineers and technicians with more than 20 years of experience in serial production and production, including uniforms for medical, public, automotive, shipbuilding, defense, combat, energy, goods Consumer and research.
We provide a full range of services from the design of the prototype to the development of the respective collection:

  • Construction of basic pattern;
  • Multiplication (grading) by sizes;
  • Making of production markers with optimization of fabrics consumption, including specific costing calculation and lay plans for the cutting room;
  • Markers making for automatic cutting machines.

Facing to the new challenges, Cortex Trade & Services has to meet the demands and differentiated exigencies of its clients by increasing the variety of services that are aimed at:

  • Increasing the efficiency of manufactured series,
  • Reducing the product's launch time on the market in parallel with
  • Optimizing its lifetime.

          thus taking over essential functions from the Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) cycle.
All orders are executed with a strong commitment to quality, confirmed by the loyalty of our customers in Germany, France or the UK.


Our Values:


Passionate about what we do, the exception is our specialty and we approach with confidence facing the new challenges.


In any case, you will have the best recommendation, and together we will always find ways to capitalize the added value as much as possible.


We are straightforward and make things easy to understand, focusing on the essentials without complicating things.


The success of a collection is ensured by the style originality, the fabrics chromaticity and the ability to surprise, hence we understand and cherish the privacy of the information from the conception to production.