Pattern Grading

In the pre-production stage, starting from the basic pattern (cardboard, paper or electronic pattern file) and a size spec table by scaling (multiplication), we obtain patterns corresponding to a range of sizes, keeping its shape, balance and fitting of the product.
Depending on the operational flows of your business, we can adapt to any working process:

  • we can do the grading base on size spec table already defined


  • we can collaborate in determining the size increases for the specific product type and target market segment.




By importing the following file formats:

  • AAMA (.DXF and .RUL),


  • ASTM (.DXF and .RUL),


  • Lectra (.IBA and .VET),


  • Gerber (,


  • Investronica (.EXP)


  • Micro (DXF file)


  • Optitex (.DSN or .PDS)


we perform

  • the grading for different range of sizes (European and British),


  • the grading with alphanumeric or combined range of sizes and heights/ lengths.


By request, we can create the size spec table to be used in production.