By outsourcing, we will manage the most important stages of the lifecycle of  collection items or entire collections. This way you will know the latest version of the product at any time, when it was modified or removed from the manufacturing line, avoiding manufacturing errors and improving the quality of the product.

Depending on the operational flows, outsourcing solutions can take various forms:

  • taking over a volume of orders that would temporarily exceed the resources allocated for design and production preparation;
  • taking over a volume of uncovered orders due to the absence, for a limited period of time, of the technical staff;
  • streamlining and increasing cost control by outsourcing the stages of industrialization and preparing production orders;
  • complete outsourcing by integrating the stages of development and industrialization of collections :
    • collaborative conception;
    • preparation of prototypes and sample series for sales and production orders;
    • preparation for the production orders' industrialization;
    • technical assistance in production by detailing the assembling and execution operations.